Friday, March 28, 2008

apparently, i am quite the blogger...

I really thought I would be a better blogger than this. I admit I had much higher hopes of blogging about this exciting and unfamiliar adventure that Jeff and I (and mini Peel) have embarked upon. I even tried a print journal complete with a gender-neutral green cover containing a whopping two entries. Two! A little embarassing...

Here we are at 15 weeks, and I have only felt compelled to note my thoughts and feelings twice. Well, three times as of now. Until now, it has pretty much been life as usual for me, with a few exceptions. There are the expected restrictions of alcohol, cutting back on caffeine, the drag in energy, not being able to give my workouts full force, and the dreaded softening and expanding of the waistline. My energy has rebounded after surviving the first trimester, and I have been fortunate enough to largely miss out on morning sickness. I have gained 5-6 pounds in all, which is probably the most difficult adjustment for me to date. I know it is for good reason, but it doesn't make it easy to swallow. I know mini Peel is setting up his/her new apartment with new furnishings (probably from Crate and Barrel if it is any child of mine) and making him/herself at home. I think the weight will be easier for me to handle mentally when it takes the form of your typical "baby belly," and not just the appearance of a thickening midsection due to laziness or inactivity. Ok, enough about that. Wait, I lied--I have a message to give to my boobs. Knock it off already--you don't need to get any bigger! If it is even physically possible, I think half of the weight gained so far has gone straight to the chest. Please, I beg, no more!

We have been to the doctor twice. Dr. Koeritz is awesome. We have seen mini Peel waving a little hand at us on the monitor, and recently heard the heartbeat, complete with the sound of a few kicks, too! I am glad I can't feel that activity yet! Jeff and I joked that the baby was either practicing high kicks (girl) or practicing field goal kicks (boy). Speaking of he/she and boy/girl, we are ready to know what we are dealing with already! We aren't scheduled to find out the sex until the end of April, and we are getting impatient. We want to be able to refer to the baby by name, and put away the "he/she" and "it." Campbell or Brooks, we ask you to reveal yourself to us! Hehe.. As soon as we know who you are, I can start doing what I do best (or maybe I should say what I enjoy rather than what I do best): planning and organizing. Your room awaits, and I am anxious to pick out paint colors and design away.

Well, that is all I have for now. I promise that I will make an effort to regularly document this adventure! I have a feeling that I will soon have reason to share more often, as I can already tell that the pace is already beginning to pick up! Maybe we can even get Jeff on here? :)

Meet Mini Peel, Feb. 18, 2008
10 Weeks

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  1. Dr. Koertz delivered my sisters boys as well as my sister-in-laws kids! He is very popular in my family. :)