Sunday, December 20, 2009

Who's that baby?

While looking for a profile pic of Wrigley for her Evite account*, I came across this random photo of Harper and myself circa October 2008. I'm guessing she was around four weeks old. When was she EVER that tiny?! And when was she EVER that quiet?

The last fifteen months have flown by in a hurry, but it isn't lost on me how absolutely amazing of an adventure we are on together! I just love that kid. Hey, at least she is quiet when she is sleeping. I'll take what I can get these days. ;)

*Don't make fun of Wrigley. She has a bustling holiday season ahead of her!

Friday, December 18, 2009

15 months? Really?

Yes, it's true. Some might even say amazing. Jeff and I have managed to keep Harper alive and well for a whopping fifteen months. It feels like she just turned one, yet it also feels like eons ago. I suppose we are constantly so wrapped up in the moment with her that we can barely keep track of how much time has passed. If it weren't for this blog, I would have no way of remembering when she reached specific accomplishments. Maybe one of these days I'll transfer her history into her baby book... Oh, ha! I had to stop and laugh at that one. I made a funny. Like I'll ever get around to that! I'm lucky if I wash my hair every three days!

Ok, ok. On to the good stuff. The stuff that keeps you coming back, frothing at the mouth. No, but seriously, if any of you are frothing, you might want to see a doctor. It might be rabies. Or the rabies flu. I don't know if we have invented that one yet, but if not, you saw it here first, folks!

Harper went in today for her fifteen-month appointment, and she passed with flying colors. One of the questions the doc asked is if she can say three words? Are you kidding me? She was at three words ____ months ago (please insert appropriate age after you reference previous blog posts). I heard a dad at Harper's MDO Thanksgiving lunch brag that his son says twenty words. I went home that day and made a list. Well, I attempted to make a list. Harper interrupted me with her incessant babbling, and I gave up. So, I don't have a number to give you, but the kid talks. Quite a bit. Six words is the test for an eighteen-month old, so it looks like we're going to ace that one, too. I love when I know the questions on the test ahead of time!

Physically, all is well. Her weight came in at 21.6 lbs (25 percentile), and her height came in at 31.5in (80 percentile). I knew Jeff would be stoked to know that Harper is still considered tall. I think it gives him hope that there may still be a chance for him to have a late growth spurt! Personally, I don't mind being short. In fact, I always wished I had ended up about an inch or so shorter. It's probably a good thing I made it to 5'2" or Breyer might never have agreed to befriend me. She hates vertically challenged people - just ask her. If she denies the charge, I will provide names and examples.

Anyhoo! Things are looking good for Miss HP. We've been blessed with a wonderful kid, and I say that even after she prevented me from getting even one wink of sleep on Tuesday night. I told my friend, Storey, that I had intended to write a blog post bragging on how great Harper has been lately...and then she pulled that stunt. We'll blame it on incoming teeth and call it even!

But really, she has been doing so well lately. We moved her into her toddler bed over Thanksgiving. She L-O-V-E-S it. Wrigley loves it, too. I believe they have worked out some sort of time share agreement regarding which of them sleeps in the bed during which hours of the day. All I know is the bed is always warm! Early in the mornings, I slide Harper's door open just wide enough for her to slip out when she rouses. I think it is the cutest thing when she groggily walks into the kitchen and asks me for "juice."

We've been working hard lately on shapes, colors, and practicing as many words as possible. It's exhausting, but I know it's all for her benefit. We talk all day. I've always described and named objects to her, but now I have to make it a point to prompt her to repeat the words back to me. "Tud-dle" (turtle) is one of my favorites, but I only get to hear it during bathtime. "No" is my least favorite word, and that one can pop up at any ol' moment! Oh well, I'm happy as long as she is using words instead of communicating with whines and grunts!

Fifteen months down, and infinity to go. It won't all be easy, that much I know. There are moments when I get really, really, really frustrated with Harper, and then she turns around with her face super-scrunched up into a cheesy grin. She looks like she is Chinese, which is funny to you if you know me really well. I laugh, and then I remember to take a breath and let my frustrations go. There is just too much to enjoy with her in our lives!

Her hair is growing by the minute. Finally!!

Checking my blood pressure with her new doctor kit from the Coats' boys! Don't get any ideas, boys!!

Updating her Facebook status, of course.

Eating "rays" (raisins) - her favorite snack!

Monday, December 14, 2009

The naked chef

I'm not very good at surprises. I just don't care for them. When I buy someone a gift, I want to give it to them right away. Growing up, my sister and I would scout out our Christmas presents, and then ever so carefully unwrap and rewrap them before they made their way under the tree. It took skill, and I feel confident that we perfected the art. Sure, we were never surprised on Christmas morning, but we have lots of memories laughing at the odd assortment of randomness disguised as presents. It prevented us from scowling with dismay at the box of vacuum cleaner attachments that actually turned out to be a shoe tree. But I digress...

We bought Harper a baby piano a couple of months ago. Her friend, Carter, got one for his birthday in August, and it was a hit with the kids at playgroup. I found out where his mom bought it, and I copied her purchase right down to the color. What can I say? She has good taste! It sat in the box in her closet until a week ago. I caved. I rearranged her room after changing her crib to the toddler bed, and the spot for the piano begged to be filled. I was proud of myself for holding out as long as I did! Besides, I felt she would be quickly overwhelmed on Christmas morning as the wrapping paper and bows began flying through the air!

I also wanted a kitchen for Christmas. I mean, Harper wanted a kitchen. She literally runs to the kitchen in her room at MDO as soon as I drop her off. I like to think that she makes breakfast for her friends just like I make breakfast for our family every morning. Since she isn't really into dolls, playing with the kitchen is the first time I've seen her engage in "pretend play." (I don't know if that is the proper term, but you know what I mean!) She stirs the imaginary "juice" in her cup, and she ladles "soup" from the pot to the bowl before she blows on it (because the soup is "haaaaaa" aka hot) and takes a "bite."

Anyhoo, I knew she would love a toddler-size kitchen, and Grammy came through with the goods. It shipped to our house on Friday, and of course, Jeff and I put it together that night. I was honestly planning on waiting until Christmas Eve-eve (since we do Christmas with my family on the 24th), but our excitement won over our good intentions. Lemme tell ya, it will be too soon if we ever have to put one of those together again! Talk about pain in the arse! After the arduous assembly process, we moved the kitchen to the front hallway ensuring Harper would have to walk past it on the way out of her room in the morning. Jeff had the nerve to ask me (at 1:30 am!) if I wanted him to wake up Harper to see it in all its shining glory. Uhhh, no.

I cannot describe to you how elated Harper became at the sight of her kitchen the next morning. You might actually say she was flabbergasted. She walked straight to it and began "cooking." I literally had to pry her away from it to eat breakfast. She played with it from morning until night. I was afraid she would get out of bed in the middle of the night and make herself a midnight snack! ;) For the past three days, the kitchen has been her obsession. Straight out of the bathtub with nary a cloth on her body, she insisted upon cleaning out her fridge, earning herself the moniker "the naked chef." Ever so observant, Jeff watched her and said, "I think she really likes it." Uhhh, yeah.

As soon as she can read, I'm starting her cookbook collection. I received my first cookbook at age four, and I've been in love with cooking ever since. I'll probably never be great at it, but I love trying. And eating. Oh, how I love eating. Can't forget that part!

Monday, December 7, 2009


I could feel Harper and Dozer playing beneath my chair as I wrapped up a quick e-mail last night. I peeked at Harper and even laughed at how compactly she had packed herself underneath my seat. I quickly grabbed my camera, and of course, she was on the move before I could snap the first pic. Still cute, I thought, until I realized that damn dog had just eaten the SECOND playground ball of Harper's in a week. M-A-D mad, argh!

At least Harper is cute. Anyone want a middle-aged, ornery English Bulldog? He would make a great Christmas gift for someone you don't like very much.