Tuesday, June 24, 2008

strollin' on...

Ahhhh, I feel so much better! After a crazy couple of weeks and playing catch up thereafter, I was finally able to make it to the gym yesterday after work. I have a problem with sitting still, so being out of the gym does not equal inactivity - but there is just something to be said for the adrenaline boost gained from a real workout! This was also my first time at my new gym, WRS, which I already love way more than the sweat box gym of Jeff's that I went to for a couple of months. I was greeted by so many smiling faces (looking at my belly, I'm sure) and an abundance of air-conditioning! Woo hoo! I only made it for 30 minutes on the elliptical because I forgot my iPod... I'm surprised my attention span lasted that long watching ESPN with no sound and no closed-captions. I did learn that I can stomach Jim Rome as long as I don't have to hear his voice. (Unfortunately, I could easily think of a few more people that would also fit in that category!)

Upon my return home from the gym, I was greeted by Jeff. However, this was not Jeff wailing on the drums playing Rock Band, nor was it Jeff making a mess anywhere and everywhere. I was greeted by Jeff walking around the house with our brand new baby stoller, which he had just assembled all by his lonesome! He walked it back thru the house into Harper's room (perfecting his technique, no doubt) and proceeded to give me the tutorial on operations, storage, features, etc. It is perfect! A bonus - Wrigley really loves the storage basket down below, and I think she might even be able to walk herself AND Harper around the block! ;)

Back story on said stoller: I e-mailed Jeff yesterday telling him that the stroller I wanted was on sale at Target at $50 off regular price. I asked if he thought I should go ahead and buy it -- how(e) could I pass up such a fantastic deal?? His reply was cryptic, but I didn't have time to think any further about it as work kept me tied up all day long. Long story short, his mom bought the stroller yesterday along with some SUPER cute baby clothes. Harper is going to be stylin', that is fo' sho. Thanks, 'Nana Peel! (Get it - 'Nana Peel - Banana Peel?? I am a nerd and I love it!)

If you haven't noticed, Wrigley is our official product tester. It is really a shame that my camera wasn't handy when I put her in a onesie the other day... just an FYI, she currently runs about 6-9 mos in size and she looks good in purple.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

that's what she said...

I almost forgot the quote Jeff gave me today from his desk calendar. Enjoy!

I don't get why parents are always complaining about how tough it is to raise kids... You just have to joke around with them, give them pizza, give them candy, let them live their lives, they're adults for God's sake.
--Michael, The Office

the non-report report.

Life has been ultra-hectic during the last two weeks, but as of today it should return to the usual level of craziness to which we are accustomed. After working overtime, moving office buildings, grand openings, volunteering at jr. golf tournaments, and traveling, I am ready to sit still for about ten minutes. Well, ten minutes might be stretching it for me, but it sounds good on paper (er, blog).

I don't really have anything of interest to report, though I regard that as a good thing. This pregnancy has been so easy and smooth, and my fingers are crossed the next three months continue as such. Fingers are also crossed that Harper will be an easy-going baby, too! I'll take the gestational diabetes test in two weeks followed by my last four-week appointment on July 7th. After that date, we will schedule our visits with Dr.K every two weeks (w30-36) and weekly (w36-40). Harper's due date is still three months away, but it feels like she will be here before we know it! Good thing her room is ready! Hehe... I told you - I'm a planner and an organizer. :)

As we are amateurs, Jeff and I signed up for nearly every baby-related class offered by the hospital. I tried to spread the classes out to avoid feeling too overwhelmed with information, but now I can't believe we begin our first class this week! On Thursday evening, Jeff will attend his "Boot Camp for Dads." Much to his dismay, I informed him there would probably not be beer or BBQ involved. During the same time frame, I will attend a breastfeeding class - yikes! I know it is a great thing, but to be honest, the thought of it really makes me nervous! Our childbirth classes (5 weeks, one session per week) weren't scheduled to begin until mid-July, but the coordinator called yesterday and guilt-tripped me into moving it up to next Tuesday. I have a feeling that Jeff and I will be the kids in the class that giggle inappropriately. (The thought of it already has me laughing inside!) Ah well, it is better to embrace our silliness than to pretend it doesn't exist! :)

Well, it is time to wrap up for the evening. Harper typically puts on her late afternoon recital during my way home from the office, so I'd better grab my refreshments and get settled in my (front row) seat. Later tater tots!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

candy monsters

Just a quick note - Harper and I are busy helping out with the Starburst Junior Golf Tournament this week, so it may be a few days before you hear from us. M&M Mars is the title sponsor of this event, which means there is more candy at the golf courses than I thought humanly possibly. I imagine that record numbers of kids will find themselves in candy-induced comas over the next couple days...thanks to the "candy monster," aka nothing more than the greed in their eyes as they spy cases and cases galore of the sugary goo.

Oh, we had a routine appointment yesterday, too. Everything looks and sounds great! However, gestational diabetes test in two weeks - blech.

That's all for now... carry on!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

that's assault, brother!

Harper committed her first act of assault last night, and it was quite funny. (Please do not be offended if you have ever been a victim of an unfunny assault.) Jeff randomly put his head up to my stomach - I am not exactly sure what he thought he might hear - and out of nowhere, Harper straight up kicked him in the ear! Now this is behavior we cannot condone for very long, but we might have to let it slide this one time considering the limits of jurisdiction. :)

As of this afternoon, she has not committed any other acts of violence. So far, so good!

Monday, June 2, 2008

take your pic(k)

I’ve been a little remiss about posting current pics, so here goes.

Harper at 21 weeks. She has legs, I promise.

And here is the progression of weeks 19-25. Week 25 is apparently the week of the rutabaga. Interesting! What is a rutabaga?

Oh, and I thought I would throw in a pic that may have been taken on Day 1 of this adventure. (Insert laugh here.)
Muhahahaha... :)