Wednesday, June 18, 2008

the non-report report.

Life has been ultra-hectic during the last two weeks, but as of today it should return to the usual level of craziness to which we are accustomed. After working overtime, moving office buildings, grand openings, volunteering at jr. golf tournaments, and traveling, I am ready to sit still for about ten minutes. Well, ten minutes might be stretching it for me, but it sounds good on paper (er, blog).

I don't really have anything of interest to report, though I regard that as a good thing. This pregnancy has been so easy and smooth, and my fingers are crossed the next three months continue as such. Fingers are also crossed that Harper will be an easy-going baby, too! I'll take the gestational diabetes test in two weeks followed by my last four-week appointment on July 7th. After that date, we will schedule our visits with Dr.K every two weeks (w30-36) and weekly (w36-40). Harper's due date is still three months away, but it feels like she will be here before we know it! Good thing her room is ready! Hehe... I told you - I'm a planner and an organizer. :)

As we are amateurs, Jeff and I signed up for nearly every baby-related class offered by the hospital. I tried to spread the classes out to avoid feeling too overwhelmed with information, but now I can't believe we begin our first class this week! On Thursday evening, Jeff will attend his "Boot Camp for Dads." Much to his dismay, I informed him there would probably not be beer or BBQ involved. During the same time frame, I will attend a breastfeeding class - yikes! I know it is a great thing, but to be honest, the thought of it really makes me nervous! Our childbirth classes (5 weeks, one session per week) weren't scheduled to begin until mid-July, but the coordinator called yesterday and guilt-tripped me into moving it up to next Tuesday. I have a feeling that Jeff and I will be the kids in the class that giggle inappropriately. (The thought of it already has me laughing inside!) Ah well, it is better to embrace our silliness than to pretend it doesn't exist! :)

Well, it is time to wrap up for the evening. Harper typically puts on her late afternoon recital during my way home from the office, so I'd better grab my refreshments and get settled in my (front row) seat. Later tater tots!

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