Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oooh, Mommy lies...

One startling realization that has come with the joy of motherhood is that moms lie. Who knew!? I've always made it a point to stand by my word, and to be a person of action. However, this whole motherhood thing sometimes slams the door right in the face of all my good intentions.

I make promises that I will get certain things done in certain time frames, but more often than not, I fall short. Sure, these certain things will eventually come to fruition be it a day or a week behind my intended schedule. I imagine that a lot of people would simply be satisfied with the act of completion despite the slight tardiness in which it occurred. Well, not me. I feel like a liar when I say I will post pictures before the day's end, and then don't. It's not that I don't want to, but rather that I can't always find those extra hours (heck, even minutes would be good!) in the day.

I thrive on order and organization, but babies just don't care. I've said this before, and I'll say it again - Harper runs my life. It doesn't matter that her eating and sleeping patterns have fallen into a more predictable routine. Those patterns are finally taking less of a toll of me, but I still have so much to do during Harper's slumbering hours. A lot of it I put on myself, because there are some tasks that I just can't pass on to anyone else.

I could ask Jeff to grocery shop, but I don't want to. I enjoy my special time at HEB, and besides, Jeff would run us into the poor house buying DVDs, mega cartons of protein powder and every single can of assorted flavors of almonds sold in the store. I could never give up cooking. Whipping up breakfast, lunch and/or dinner provides me with a release that I can't explain. It's my thing. It doesn't matter if I'm making a recipe straight off a can of Campbell's cream of chicken soup or (attempting) a recipe off the enticing pages of Bon Appetit magazine...cooking helps me relax. So, no, I can't make up time there. And my house has to be clean. I have loosened my standards slightly in this area, but I stress slightly. It is important to me to keep a clean house. Besides, you all know how much I love my vacuum cleaner. Long live the Dyson! Or in Tiffany's case, long live the Rainbow! ;)

Basically, I want it all! I want my pound cake, and I want to bake it, too. The clock is ticking down until I go back to work on December 10th, and I am anxious to see how life will be with that factor added back into the mix. Will I survive? Will anyone at 809 Falcon Drive survive? We shall see! :)

Time...how do I make the most of it, and where can I buy more? Now I know why babies don't wear watches. Of all the millions of ridiculous and unnecessary products that are sold on this great globe, baby watches are one item that would never make it. It isn't that babies can't tell time -- it's just that they don't flippin' care!

What do you know, ol' Harper Peel is a ringing my bell. I WILL post pictures...don't wanna make a liar out of myself! Check back again on this entry sometime after lunch. May the word "sometime" save me after all! ;)

See you gators later!

**Ok, I'm back! I put this album together while breastfeeding...talk about talent!**

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  1. LOVED the pics and lunch with you lovely ladies yesterday!Thanks for sharing!