Monday, January 25, 2010

(s)He moves in mysterious ways...

We went to church yesterday, and I can't explain what came over me as we walked into the worship service. Lemme tell ya, the folks at Highland Baptist like to sing their little hearts out. We quickly sat down and started to join in on the current song. Or rather, I tried to join in on the song. I opened my mouth, and suddenly, a wave of emotion rolled over me. I squeezed half of a note out before my lips started quivering. I couldn't sing. I wanted to cry. I stood through the entire praise portion fighting back tears in an attempt to regain my composure.

It was the weirdest thing. I was so happy to be there, but I couldn't stop thinking of all the people - friends, family and complete strangers - that are leaning on the Lord right now (and always, for that matter). Think of all the prayers that go up to Him on a daily basis for His strength and guidance. It was an overwhelming reminder that He moves in such mysterious ways.

Think of Haiti. Think of the destruction, the devastation, the deaths and the unimaginable needs of the survivors to make it through the day, much less what they need to rebuild their lives. Then think of the young man rescued after spending eleven days in the rubble of a hotel grocery store who survived by eating cookies and drinking soda and beer. Amazing.

I was also thinking of a little girl born at a mere 25 gestational weeks. Her mother is a fellow provisional member of the Junior League of Waco. Baby Maya was born incredibly early, but she has forged ahead with unbelievable might over the past four weeks. I could not even fathom a guess as to how many people are praying for Maya and her family. The daily updates via Facebook are so encouraging, so uplifting. Each day that Maya lives has been a miracle. Hers has been a heart-wrenching yet amazing journey. She is living proof that God is good.

God is so good. My family has so many things for which to be grateful: we are all healthy, we have a home, Jeff has a good job, we can pay our bills, we have strong minds and are able-bodied, we are really, really ridiculously good-looking, and we have the best English Bulldog in all of the land. (Ok, so maybe I exaggerated with those last two...) But you catch my drift, right? There may come a time when we really need your prayers, but for now I am more than happy to give you mine.

Forever and ever, Amen.

A little Randy Travis and U2 to start your morning... ;) You can thank me later.


  1. JHP, I never write comments but read regularly! Loved this post! Christy is in a Bible study with me here in China Spring and I too have been moved by the life of that little girl (and her family, didn't know you knew her and Lance). I loved your raw, unhindered post about your feelings from Sunday and just wanted you to know, someone else out there heard you loud and clear sister! I too am so grateful! What an awesome God we serve!

  2. I spent nearly 11 YEARS subsisting on that very same diet. He's got me on the whole "rubble" thing though...

    In all seriousness, thanks for the perspective. Great post.

  3. Thanks for reading, guys. :)

  4. I've done that before, too, in church! I know the exact feeling. It always happens during praise and worship, especially when I've been MIA from church for awhile. It's an awesome feeling to realize what you've been "missing" and come back to it. Hope ya'll are doing well. I miss ya'll!