Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kiss and tell...

It's no secret that Harper loves her friend, Carson. He lives on our street, and we are friends with his parents, so the thought of Carson stays fresh on her mind at all times. I can bribe her with the chance of seeing "Car-Car," and once I even convinced her to take a nap because she could be sure that Carson was napping at his house, too! You can only imagine how excited she was on Sunday when she learned that we were going to the zoo with him later that afternoon...IF she took a nap, of course!

We headed out to the Cameron Park Zoo, and it could not have been a more beautiful day. Sunny, close to 70 degrees - hard to imagine we received several inches of snow only two days later! We are so lucky that we can drive ten minutes and spend as little or as much time as we want at a pretty nifty zoo. Not too many cities can boast of such a thing! Anyhoo, fun was had by all...and maybe even a love connection! Somebody call Chuck Woolery!

Possibly ammo to use in a senior yearbook? Class of 20__?

We approached the bear as he finished pooping...awkward!

Somehow we never discovered this great slide during our previous zoo trips!

Loved it!

And one fun ride for Dad!

Ahhhh - holding hands! This is where it starts!

Carson goes in for the kiss...

...and Harper comes at him with tongue. Really, Harper?? Sheesh!


  1. Ha! She's a fast mover, that one :) You're going to have to watch that girl! She is toooo cute.

  2. Wow, Harper really does take after her mom...hehehe