Monday, February 9, 2009

Take your pic(k).

I feel an urge to blog, but I can't think of anything worth your time or mine. Today is a "blah" day, and I'm in the same kind of mood. How 'bout I treat y'all to some HP pics instead?

Jeff decided to finish off the prunes in her car... eating and driving! You'll end up with prunes on your rear view!
Aunt Jemima?

You've got a a bucket! This was just about the only thing to cheer me up today!
Mmmmm, thumb.

The foot is indeed a delicacy!


  1. Oh my! Could she be any cuter? (Answer: no way!)

  2. How adorable! LOOK! Harper chews on her feet just like her Aunt Tiffany!

  3. Love the "Happy V-Day" pic...adorableness!!

  4. What a hoot! LOVE the bucket pics....thumb? toe? same thing! The Valentine's pics is adorable!

  5. love this post! adorable!! Payton wants to "play" soon. hope you guys are doing well!!