Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cornucopia of "firsts"

Over the last fourteen months, Jeff and I have rejoiced (and shaken our heads at) many of Harper's "firsts." Some are significant, while others run precariously close to the mundane. Some of these moments may cause you to take no notice at all, to allow a fleeting thought of recognition to flow in and out of your brain, or to drop everything and immediately call/text/blog/run an ad on cable television exalting the news to anyone that will listen. Good or bad, there never seems to be a shortage of notable moments.

Allow me to share a recent sampling of first occurrences in Harper's life:

* FIRST time to eat venison, dove breast, and shrimp.
* FIRST time to brush her teeth without a knock-down, drag-out fight.
* FIRST time to sleep in a toddler bed.
* FIRST molars. Ugh, I personally hate 'em.
* FIRST time to ride a tricycle. Or at least ride on one while someone else pushes her around.
* FIRST real scrape. Bonus: first scab!
* FIRST kiss! That sneaky ol' Carson stole a kiss on Halloween while sitting in the wagon with Harps. Until then, I wasn't aware that monkeys are attracted to cats!
* FIRST time to lick homemade butter cream frosting from a beater. This moment probably rates #1 in Harper's book. She was absolutely elated!
* FIRST time to perform long division! OK, not really, but I'm keeping hope alive! ;)
* FIRST time to poop in the bathtub. Yep, folks, you read it right. Last night, HP pooped in the tub. I saw a bubble and guessed fart, but I was quickly proven wrong. Luckily, Grammy was available to dry and clothe Harper while I called in the HAZMAT team. Oh wait, that would be me. Sick, sick, sick.
* FIRST time to go out of town without Mom and Dad. Maybe that will lead to another first...first time to poop in someone else's bathtub! Muhahahaha....

Tell me a funny "first" you can recall with your kid(s). Don't hold back!

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  1. The first time Audrey pooped on Aunt JenHowePeel!! Muahahahaha....