Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Park it

Harper loves-loves-loves to play outside. We play in our backyard and front yard quite often, but not often enough if you surveyed my daughter. I have caught her staring longingly out the back patio door many times, while our bulldog stares back longingly into our living room. It makes for an amusing sight.

Yesterday, we met our friends Deanna (with Makenzie and Piper) & Kim (with Kylee) at the park. The girls had a lot of fun, particularly on the slide. The moms worked out an assembly line of sorts, shuffling the girls from the ground to the bridge to the slide and back down again. Efficiency is key! Kylee and Piper enjoyed the swings as well, but Harper does not share that interest with them. Go figure! She would much rather explore the park grounds on her own...she's really working that independent streak lately!

Kylee, Harper and Piper--hopefully, this is the only time they will spend together behind bars! ;)

If you could only imagine how funny this really was...quite an accomplishment!


  1. Someone sure seems to be posting alot... avoiding the lit review, I see ;)

  2. Takes one to know one! ;)