Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The young and the tan...

While browsing thru my pictures in Picasa, I came across an oldie of Jeff and I taken at one of our wedding showers.  Yes, that "oldie" was taken a year and a half ago, and how different we look!  
I had a tan, energy, and youth on my side!  Jeff apparently needed a haircut, but he also seemed full of life and energy.  I suppose I shouldn't be quite so critical of our current appearances.  After all, everyone looks better in the summer months, and everyone looks better with an uninterrupted night of sleep!  Maybe I just need to buy myself a tanning membership for Christmas--knock out two birds with one stone--insta-tan AND a built-in fifteen minute nap!  I'd look better and be well rested!  One can only hope!

While I'm at it, here is another pic just for kicks.  It was taken as we waited for our plane to depart to our honeymoon destination.  I purchased two pairs of wax lips from Cracker Barrel after breakfast that morning, and wore the first pair from the moment we parked at Waco's airport until the ladies with the beverage carts came knockin'.  Small children in the airport seemed somewhat alarmed by my big ol' Kool-aid lips!  I wore the second pair around our resort for a day in Puerto Vallarta...  Oh, I laugh!  Gotta love you some JPeel's!

PS. Welcome to the world, Ryder Hamden!  I bet you are wheelie, wheelie cool, and I can't wait to meet you!  Harper sends her love! :)

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