Thursday, January 8, 2009

Year in review

2008 was a good year. Our lives are vastly different from what they were twelve short months ago. We're older, hopefully wiser, more careful, more imaginative, not as well-rested, more responsible, less selfish, more tired, so sleepy... agakdfgjadflgfigaf.... sorry, I drifted off there for a second! ;)

I've learned a fair amount over the last year. Among these new findings and revelations include:

1. I don't hate tofu as previously thought.
2. My disdain for hummus remains.
3. As one can tell from this list, my life still revolves around food.
4a. Former most hated chore: putting away laundry.
4b. Current most hated chore: washing baby bottles.
5. Bodies stretch in ways unimaginable...thank goodness they are capable of returning to their original shape!
6. Dachshunds, despite their best intentions, are not (legally) capable babysitters. I think it might be a height issue.
7. Bangkok Royal wins restaurant of the year. Hot Sea & Crazy Salmon....mmmmmm!
8. Don't believe the hype--breastfed babies have smelly poop, too.
9. Meconium wins most hideous word AND substance of the year.
10. Fantasy sports are AWESOME, but not as awesome as college football season.
11. Babies are lucky. They get entirely new wardrobes approximately every three months. Can we say "jealous?!"
12. It is impossible to vacuum too often. Or often enough.
12. Nothing beats a toothless smile. Except maybe a toothless laugh. (And really, this is only true if the person has a legitimate reason for being toothless.)
13. Harper Elle Peel is the greatest gift we've ever received. (I mean, she is waaaaaaay better than the shoe tree Chelle and I got for Christmas that one year!)

Wish us luck in 2009! I'm pretty sure Harper is going to give us a run for our money. Crawling, teething, walking, solid foods, talking...I'm ecstatic and exhausted at the thought of it all!

(Editor's note: Item #10 on above list was the result of a certain husband hacking into this blog. Obviously!)

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