Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Will the real Harper Peel please stand up?

I blogged a little too soon yesterday regarding Harper eating cereal. We skipped even trying it on Monday, and I wasn't very optimistic on Tuesday. I whipped up a whopping tablespoon of cereal, warmed it up, and served it to HP on a silver spoon. Ok, it was a plastic spoon, but silver sounded better.
Seemingly out of nowhere, Harper ate the cereal! All of a sudden, she knew how to receive a spoon in her mouth, close her mouth and swallow! I will apologize now for an abundance of exclamation points--I was excited!!! She ate the whoooooole tablespoon of cereal. It wasn't a fluke, because she repeated the performance at her next meal. Two days ago, she would open her mouth, stick out her tongue, and let the cereal roll right off of it. Did the light bulb suddenly turn on? I bet she wikipedia'd "eating" late at night. Lord knows she wasn't sleeping!
I'm becoming suspicious that someone has stolen the real HP and replaced her with another babe. She is not the sleeper I'd grown to love, yet she has mastered eating techniques out of the blue. That's not all... Today, at lunch, she decided she was mature enough to drink from a ginormous cup! Harper straight up tossed my straw out of my cup and stole a few sips of H2O. Good thing we were at Siete Mares and not Ninfa's, or she might have snagged her first taste of a marg. (I say "marg" instead of "rita"....courtesy of the alcoholic mom from The O.C.)
Yeah, that must it. Someone has pulled off the ol' baby switcheroo. Or maybe she is growing up? Nah, that can't be it.

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  1. i like how in the last picture, your face has a look of shock as HP attempts to drink!