Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Is that what you call flirting?

Harper had an impromptu play date with Kyle Coats last week. Kase was napping and missed out on the action! What is it with that girl and not being able to keep her pants on at the Coats' house? Not a good sign!

She looks him over and proceeds to eat his sleeve.

Hey, buddy!

She looks to Kyle's mom for permission to eat his hand next.

Oooh, a blue pacifier? I don't have one in that color.

Harper goes in for the kill.

I'll be taking this!
Note: Please disregard the Aggie background. These two are definitely a crib divided!


  1. ok, sooo adorable!!! Miss you! Can we try to do lunch next week? must see this big girl in person!

  2. That is hilarious! A crib divided! I am sure Kyle would gladly give up his passie for a grin from HP! Ah, babies!