Monday, March 23, 2009

My little Texas tornado...

Actually, "Texas tornado" doesn't exactly describe it. It is more like half tornado and half inchworm. What is "it," you ask? Harper may not be crawling just yet, but she has perfected some manner of mobility that has us entertained. We used to be able to set her down in one spot in the house, run to Sonic for a chocolate malt, and Harper would be none the wiser upon our return. Okay, I'm obviously lying about Sonic (and obviously craving a chocolate malt at the moment), but you get my point. Harper was stationary at one point in her life, and that point has passed. She now possesses a host of tricks including, but not limited to, rolling, scooching, inching, twisting, and quarter-turning to name a few. At this rate, she'll be shuffle ball changing by June! She can cover a room in a matter of seconds no matter the animal or object in her trajectory. I'm impressed.

Jeff thinks she will be crawling within the next couple of weeks. Forget about Harper being ready to crawl--I'm not ready for her to crawl. Jeff certainly isn't ready for her to crawl. Crawling will certainly up the ante on parenthood as we know it. From that point on, we'll have to stay hot on her trail with nary a reprieve to watch The Office at it's regularly scheduled time slot. Thank goodness for DVR.

Harper's six-month check-up went well last week. She may not have the same memory of the afternoon, but she was the one assaulted in the leg with a needle and not me. She weighed in at 15 lbs, 9 ounces (50th percentile) and measured 26.5 inches long (75th). In other words, heavy and long! I've about had enough of lugging her around in her car seat. I prefer to do my own routine of arm toning exercises, thank you very much! Harper will see her doctor in three-month intervals now instead of two, except for the fact that we'll need to go back in a couple of weeks to catch up on a shot or two.

Harper is really a trooper. Not only has she put up with us for the last six months, now she has also survived a weekend with Jeff on her own. Well, maybe not on her own, but close. I was in Dallas this past weekend from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon for a string of wedding showers for my friend, Alyssa. Jeff's parents live within walking distance of our house, so of course that jaunt was made on both Saturday and Sunday. I admit that I kind of wanted Jeff to experience Harper wholly on his own for a full day, but I can't really blame him for letting the grandparents take some of the weight of his shoulders. Harper seemed none the worse for wear after the weekend even despite eating sweet potatoes for breakfast. I tend to feed cereal as her breakfast meal, but I suppose sweet potatoes will work, too. Hey, at least I know the kid was fed, right?

Thankfully, the tornado warning has just been lifted. In other words, bedtime has come and gone for the pint-sized Peel. Harper is asleep, and I shall soon follow.  Enjoy some pictures from the last week!

She seemed to enjoy playing in the grass.  Oh, and attempting to eat leaves.
Apparently, Dozer thought he was invited to the picnic.
Harper got dressed up to watch the Horns play in the NCAA tournament.

Harper's first trip to the park...
She enjoyed her trip down the slide!
The swing was her favorite just as I predicted!

Cousin Audrey visited last week while Grammy was on spring break.

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  1. Hey, I was with her like 84% of the time by ourselves!