Tuesday, March 3, 2009

yabba dabba do!

Lately, I've been tossing around the idea of starting another blog. The new blog would (allegedly) center around all things non-Harper in my life--as if any such thing exists. This idea remains an idea only, because I realize I can't even keep up this blog. Truthfully, I can't keep up with much of anything these days! Mother's Day Out program, where art thou?

Well, I know you all come here for Harper news and updates, so that is what you shall get. Harper is five and a half-months old. Her latest accomplishments include walking in her car/walker, quasi-sitting up and foot-snacking. I know what you're thinking--Baby Genius! ;)
She loves going on walks more than ever. (At least I think that is what she was trying to tell me as she slept for the duration of our hour-long walk along the river.) Honestly, she seems to love the outdoors which pleases this former tomboy to no end. I plan to buy a swing ASAP to hang from a tree in our backyard. I think she will love it. Or maybe I'm just looking for another excuse to climb the trees in our yard!

Not much else to say... I've gotta get ready for a fundraiser at the TSHOF tonight, and Harper has to "chase" Wrigley in her car/walker. (Moving eight feet in three minutes is considered a chase, right?) Anyhoo, I vow to return soon with a more interesting installment of this HowePeel life, which is about more than just this Harper life....

A girl and her pig-dog-bear.
Obviously, we wear tank tops and skirts during the last week in February.
Deep in thought about her next nap, perhaps?

A tasty foot appetizer!

She actually walks in her "car" now a la Fred Flintstone. Yabba dabba do!

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