Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Terrible Tues-days

"Tuesday" has become a bad word in the Peel household. It makes for a very long day for all three of us. I spend all of 90 minutes with Harper on an average Tuesday. We have breakfast together before she goes to MDO, and then I see her for another 30 minutes between MDO and Nana's house. My goal is to leave Waco by 2:30 in order to arrive in San Marcos by 5PM. Class runs straight from 6:30 to 9:20. On the first Tuesday, I trekked all the way back to Waco, but it was a long and bumpy (construction) drive. I must have been midnight before I made it home. Ever since then, I've spent the night at Mikelle's place in Austin. It is really the only positive part of this routine! I especially enjoy farting and eating potato chips with my sister-in-law. It's really special. (By the way, Jeff, that is not what girls do when they get together. Well, unless your name is Alyssa.) On Wednesday morning, I wake up around 4:30-5:00AM to drive home. You should try it--it's like having your very own personal highway. IH-35 is a beautiful, quiet place at that hour. I'm in the kitchen drinking coffee and making breakfast before Jeff, Harper or Wrigley wake up. Thankfully, this song and dance will only last through this semester. I don't think I have the energy to make it any longer than that!

On the other hand, Tuesdays are always an adventure for Harper. She has the most fun at MDO--I'm really so glad she has taken to her teachers and classmates. Then she spends three or four hours at Nana's house before Jeff picks her up after work. They spend the evening together eating dinner and playing before its time for bath and bed. I really hate my side of this deal, but I think it is wonderful that Harper and Jeff get to spend this extra special time together. I imagine it isn't easy on him, but I'm grateful that he is willing and able to take care of her on his own. Thanks, Jeff!

While I really dislike Tuesdays, Harper must really enjoy them. She plays with friends at school, plays with Nana, plays with Wrigley and then plays with Daddy. Notice I didn't mention that she naps on Tuesdays? Oh yeah, it's because she doesn't! :/ Don't get me started on that...naps, naps, oh, how I miss thee! I sure could use 'em, especially on Weary Wednesdays!


  1. "They spend the evening together eating dinner and playing before its time for bath and bed."

    In a way, this is true statement; provided that "dinner" = potato chips and "playing" = seeing who can fart the loudest among me, Harper, and Dozer.

  2. Alyssa Mitchell10/07/2009 1:36 PM

    Jeff, all girls fart...it's a fact. Just some of us do it more than others. :)