Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Year in review

It seems absurd to think of all that has happened over the last year in the world...a complete collapse of our financial system, U.S. GDP shrank for the first time in seventeen years, hurricane recovery, election of a new president, swine flu, China hosted the Olympics, Jell-O brought back Puddin' Pops (I WISH!), Pam and Jim got knocked up...oh, and sweet baby Harper evolved from a lump of baby to a walkin', talkin' one-year old. Sheesh! (I've taken the liberty to omit certain events, however significant, from the above recap of the past year. I got distracted when I started thinking about the deliciousness that was Jell-o Puddin' Pops. Mmmm....)

I'm so proud to be her mother. I think I can speak on behalf of Jeff and say we are both incredibly proud to have her as our daughter. Our adventurous, spunky, stubborn, caring, cuddly, energetic, dancing queen, golf ball-lovin', 90 miles an hour, Evil Knievel daughter! Simply put, she is a nutcase, but I couldn't possibly love her any more for it. I see bits and pieces of myself in her, and I see bits and pieces of Jeff, too. I'm loving the way her personality is developing. She's, like, one of my coolest friends! (Ok, so maybe she is my only friend some days, but who's counting?) She is a tough boss with discriminating taste, and not all moments are good ones. But, I'll gladly take any of it in exchange for one of her warm hugs or high fives. What can I say? She's just Harper!

So, happy first birthday to my favorite little girl, Harper Elle Peel. Here's to many more!

The new family! Nice scrubs, Jeff.

I can't believe she ever weighed six pounds!

The MiniPeel becomes a little lady! She luh-luh-loves her birthday present! (Pats self on back...)


  1. Harper is such an precious kid and she is so blessed to have you as her Momma! We are glad to have Harper in our life (and in our neighborhood :))

  2. Ooh...that little baby doll she has...Bets has one and LOOOOOVES it. I love her chair too!

    Happy birthday HP!!

  3. So stinkin' hard to believe! I've got to start getting her higher-level books to read in that chair!

  4. Also, thank you for the Jell-O puddin' pops shout out. I hadn't thought about them in YEARS, but now I can think of nothing else!

  5. Maybe we can find a recipe? I could probably eat an entire box of them right now...if they existed!