Thursday, May 8, 2008

Let the madness begin!

Well, I went ahead and made the first big purchase for Harper last night. First of many, I'm sure! We bought her crib last night from (How I love that site!) Free shipping AND no tax (as long as none of you tattle to the state Comptroller!) - how awesome is that? I had a hard time picking out a crib I really liked, which was compounded by the fact that espresso-stained cribs seem to be harder to come by than cherry, natural or white. I thought I had another crib picked out as the final choice, but decided to look just one more time before I hit "order." I ended up finding a deal I could not pass up on an even better crib, which of course just made my night. (Breyer, you of all can best understand the joy of finding a great deal!) It will be here in a couple weeks. Obviously a bit sooner than we need it, but sometimes Peels can be a bit agressive! (It is a trait I am currently perfecting in order to accurately represent the name!)

I have included a picture below of Harper's new crib, as well as the pattern I picked out from Target. Of course, it was a complete ordeal to pick out the bedding as I was torn between wanting a more modern look without looking too adult. I think this design will end up being somewhat modern, yet still sweet. The best thing about it is the color palette of light brown, light pink and cream. I bought a very luxurious baby blanket in giraffe print from Lane's, and it looks great with the Target print. Stripes, dots, etc...almost any print can be worked into the room as long as the colors don't conflict. It is going to be so fun to design her room! I already have a ton of ideas bubbling around in my head!!

Alrighty, I need to get some other things done this afternoon. I'll leave you with this one last amusing fact. As I drove to and from lunch this afternoon, a Biggie cd was playing in my car. It was quite a contrast from the cd in the previous slot that played on my way to work this morning. Anyhoo, as I jammed to some Biggie, little Harper seemed to be enjoying it as well! It felt like she was feeling the beat and dancing around in her temporary "apartment." I'll have to try out some Big Tymers or Fat Pat on the way home...see if she prefers the Dirty South. ;)


  1. i love it! i'm interested in a similar crib, i like the dark browns... just need to need it first. :) um, and freakin' hilarious about harper diggin' the dirty south! i'm so glad you're doing this blog, i've really loved being in the loop! :)

  2. You might stay away from the Fat Pat until she's old enough to understand NOT to repeat the lyrics. "Tops Dropped" may not be appropriate for a -4 month old....I'm just sayin....

    We're also considering a similar crib. Baby Crazy will get a trans-functional one that shall grow with it through the years so Mom can still afford an occasional trip to Nordstrom's...I'm just sayin....