Sunday, May 4, 2008

rockabye baby

It is 2:00 am and I'm still awake--I am quite impressed! Over the past few months my regularly scheduled bedtime is no later than 10:30 pm, because I just cannot keep the eyelids propped open any later. Tonight is a different story.

What is the cause of my caffeine-free alertness tonight? Rockband! Austin, Breyer and Coats are over tonight, and we set up the band around 10pm. I could easily have gone to bed at that point, but as soon as the first song played and the jokes began -- different story! Laughter truly is energizing!

I hope Mini Peel is enjoying his/her first concert! Surely he/she is enjoying my skills on vocals. :) Surely he/she is enjoying Austin's spot-on British accent, too. ("Hey guys, ya wanna grab some coffee?" in what is actually a poor Boston accent. Close, but...well, no, not even close!)

Alrighty, time for the encore performance. Rock on!

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