Wednesday, August 13, 2008

finish line is in sight...

....though on some days it seems more like a mirage. We have five weeks officially until Harper is scheduled to arrive. However, similar to airlines, buses and dentists, babies don't always arrive on schedule! I am still hoping that Harper might want to show up a week or so early (which is not at all like the airlines or buses - those guys are never early!). She isn't ready to join us quite yet, but I am sure getting antsy carrying this extra load around!

I saw Dr. Koeritz yesterday for a regular visit. He informed me that his daughter gave birth last week to a nine lb, some odd oz, baby boy. Lord help me if Harper grows that large over the next few weeks! Oddly enough, while Harper appears to be growing as expected, I have not gained any weight in several weeks. I definitely appear larger in the stomach region, that much I can assure you! I seemed to have plateaued at twenty pounds, so we'll see if that changes. I'll go back to see Dr. K in two weeks after which our appointments will occur on a weekly basis. We're getting down to crunch time!

Dr. Koeritz and Jeff had an interesting conversation earlier this week, too. Jeff may have a chance to play in a golf tournament in Abilene over Labor Day weekend, which happens to fall about two weeks before Harper's due date. We couldn't make up our minds as to whether or not it was a good idea for us to travel four hours away, so Jeff called Dr. K to get his opinion. Dr. K said that nothing is likely to happen at that time, and if something were to progress, then there would be sufficient time to get back to Waco. Jeff was pumped that Dr. K gave us the green light - until Dr. K realized they were not on the same page as to who exactly would be making this trip! He laughed and said that Jeff was cleared to go, but that I was not. Later on, Jeff repeats the details of this conversation to me, and I am okay with staying in Waco. He did challenge me to defy doctor's orders and go to Abilene with him anyway. I told Jeff that while I believe Harper is not likely to come that early, there is no way for us to know that for sure! He assured me that if I started feeling contractions, then we would immediately return home to Waco. Uh, yeah, because a four-hour car ride sounds awesome, especially while experiencing labor contractions! Long story short - I will be playing in Waco over Labor Day, so be sure to let me know if anything fun is going on!

On an unrelated note, I received a random e-mail from HEB today along with a coupon for a free 1/2 gallon of ice cream. HEB must be on to me! Hehe... :) This could only be more perfect if the coupon were for Haagen Daas Fleur de Sel! (Jeff, don't bother looking in the freezer when you get home tomorrow - it is already gone!)

That's all for now, folks!

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