Sunday, August 31, 2008

labor day? nah!

well, it's labor day weekend, and we are hoping it remains a harper-less weekend! so far, so good! jeff is in abilene until monday night for a golf tournament, but he left harper with strict instructions not to get any ideas while he is out of town. i've got a busy schedule next week at work, too, so i've also left a message with harper to keep herself busy at least thru wednesday! we're closing in on 38 weeks.... man, 38 weeks sure feels like forever! these next two weeks are likely to feel painstakingly slow, too. ugh, i'm torn between wanting harper to hurry up and get here AND taking advantage of every last minute before she gets here.

what else is new?? hmm... well, harper went to her first football game on thursday. jeff asked me not to mention this fact in the interest of it not having been a longhorn game. considering she had womb-side seats to the baylor game, i think there is still hope for her first official "live" game to be none other than a UT game. hook 'em, harper!

our doctor's appointments have escalated to a weekly frequency - things are heating up! i don't know what is considered TMI in this situation, so i'll just say that we are at 1cm and leave it at that. i know that 1cm doesn't mean much - considering that you can sit at that spot for quite awhile or not - but it was awesome to hear that we have begun making progress! i can't wait to go back on tuesday afternoon and find out if we're still making progress.

tuesday is a big day for another reason, too! breyer and coats should hopefully find out the gender combo of their twins! i had a dream last night that they are having a boy and a girl, so we can probably take that prediction to the bank. ;) (it was also the first relatively normal dream that i can remember having this year!) the agony of waiting is tough - i can imagine it is even more intense for breyer and coats since they are just a tad more personally invested! hehe...

time for bed. big day tomorrow...maybe some lounging (which means i won't actually sit down at all) and jazz fest tomorrow evening downtown. nighty night!

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