Tuesday, September 2, 2008

still truckin'...

Labor Day weekend came and went, and Harper is still safely tucked in the wooooomb. Though I am all for her arriving early, I am very happy that she did not make a move during the Peel family trip to Abilene. Jeff seemed to have had an absolute blast during the trip, and his reports definitely have me looking forward to joining him next year. Apparently, Abilene really knows how to celebrate Labor Day right!

We saw Dr. Koeritz again this afternoon. I really like being able to see our doctor every week - it is nice to have such frequent updates! Today, at 38 weeks, my weight and BP remained the same, as did the fundus height measurement (36 cm). Surprisingly (to me), I hadn't dilated much more than last week. A little more than one, but not enough to call it 2. However, I did receive some news that was music to my ears. Dr. K scheduled an induction for the morning of Monday, September 15th - that is if Harper doesn't decide to show up on her own beforehand. So, at the very most, we will meet Miss Harper Elle Peel in 13 days!! I can't hardly believe it... The 15th also happens to be my mother's birthday, which should please her to no end. I am still trying to convince Harper to get on with things and get this party started. When is it considered too early to start bribing your children?? :)

We'll be back to see Dr. K next Tuesday morning for another update. He'll tell us more about the induction process and everything we'll have in store on the 15th. Exciting!! Car seat is installed and the hospital bags are packed...now we just need to work on getting Jeff ready! You'll love his delivery outift...UT scrubs, no diggity, no doubt!


  1. Yay for the 15th or before! Our first football game is the 16th so I was worried I wouldn't get to meet her on her actual birthday! ~Lara

  2. Auntie Tiffany9/03/2008 10:59 AM

    HOOORAAAY HARPER! C'mon woman-child! You know you wanna meet yer ol' Auntie!

    I LOVE IT! UT scrubs! Tell Jefe I have an extra pair of UT scrub pants in case his get stained with amniotic fluid...

    I mean, I'm just sayin'...