Thursday, September 11, 2008

fire in the hole!

Breyer and I were talking yesterday about the alleged tricks one can use to encourage a baby to evacuate the uterus. "They" say eating spicy foods is one possibility. Well, I eat the spiciest of the spiciest foods possible on a daily basis, and Harper has managed to survive in there for over 39 weeks without protest. Breyer suggested that maybe, just maybe, Harper refuses to budge because she is thinking of her diet for the next year upon exiting...bland milk, pureed veggies without any seasonings, cereal, etc. Maybe she is enjoying the spicy selections a little too much!

So, I could try toning things down these next couple of days. Try to bore her taste buds in hopes that she will come out reaching for a bottle of sambal olek or siracha sauce! Nah, I don't think I can do it. I think I will have dinner at Bangkok Royal tonight and order the "crazy salmon." Now, they don't call it crazy for nothin.' It can be H-O-T hot!

Harper - the gloves are on, baby! Fire in the hole!


  1. Auntie Tiffany9/11/2008 5:16 PM

    Just as long as she doesn't come out reaching for a bottle of Jack Daniels, we're good.

  2. i declare WAR. i just ate an entire raw japaleno and she seems indifferent.