Tuesday, September 23, 2008

field trips

Let me just say that Harper Peel is an absolute doll! My opinion is biased, but she has been the most easy-going baby imaginable. She is a good sleeper, a good eater (big surprise - I also LOVE to eat!), a good shopping partner, etc.

We've had a ton o' fun together over the last week, and the list of "firsts" has lengthened. Breyer and I took Harper on her first Target shopping trip yesterday. Jeff was skeptical at the thought of taking her to the store filled with a plethora of germ-laden shoppers, but I assured him that she would be covered in her car seat and would survive the experience unscathed. Besides, the Target shopping "bug" is one she will inevitably catch--it's genetic! Harper slept through the shopping trip, which is probably a good thing because that kid is broke! She gots no mah-nies, but she does have a really cute, empty piggy bank. Hehe... :)

Jeff took her on his own solo field trip today. He stopped home before lunch and asked if he could take Harper somewhere. "Umm, where?" I asked. He needed to pick up a sponsorship form at the Texas Sports Hall of Fame and wanted to bring her along to introduce her to some of the guys there. (He is on a couple of committees for the TSHOF, so it was not as random of a request as it sounds.) I would be surprised if he didn't show Harper some Longhorn paraphenalia while they were there...

Harper and I went on another shopping trip again today, too. It was just the two of us off to the Richland Mall. A mecca of shopping - by no means - but we needed to stop by Baby GAP and Dillards. We have a few other preggo friends, and we were on the search for cute gifts. I was hoping Harper would offer suggestions on color choices, but she decided to press the snooze button through the entire escapade. The love of shopping might have to be transferred to Harper by osmosis at this rate!

She has taken a couple other car trips, as well. We went to the pediatrician last Thursday and stopped by Jeff's office on Friday. She seems to really enjoy the car rides - trying to get her prepped up for a trip to Austin one of these days!

The pedi appointment went well (pediatrician, not pedicure!). Harper checked out in great condition. When we left the hospital on the 16th she weighed 6 lbs, 2 oz, but by Thursday she was back up to 6 lbs, 10 oz. She is definitely on track to regain her birth weight in the standard two week time frame. We will go back for a routine appointment on the 29th.

It is hard to believe she will already be two weeks old on Monday! She'll be driving in no time! I would say "dating," but Jeff has imposed a minimum age of 25 before she is allowed to talk to boys. Funny, because my dad said I wasn't allowed to date until I reached 30, yet he gave his blessing for Jeff to propose when I was 25. Harper - there is hope for you yet!

I will blog later about some of the other neat "firsts" for Harper. I have to make the most of every minute in between her feedings, and I've only got another hour or so left before she rouses again!


  1. thanks for posting pictures! little harper is just adorable...i definitely saw one of your expressions on her face in one of those pictures. i was wondering if you noticed any of the dollar bins at target on one of your recent excursions. i left a certain treasure from one of those bins in your desk yesterday...and i'm telling you about this in hopes of luring you back to "the office" eventually. tell harper i said what's up.

  2. we all talked to Jeff this morning as a 'jennifer' substitute, but it just wasn't the same! miss you! Miss Harper needs to come on a Chamber field trip soon!!! I'm with Jill on the luring to the office!

  3. She is quite the girl-about-town! Jeff did say yesterday that he was a little weary of her going out to places like Target but that you were insistent on getting her out! :-) We miss you around here and can't wait to meet Miss Harper in person!

  4. Harper will be about 4 months old when my boys get here. How is Jeff going to feel about a parent supervised date around that age? That girl is a looker! He won't be able to hold her back!

  5. Jennifer she is adorable! way to go on getting out and taking her places. Just so you know, I might need a lot of advice soon! We still want to bring you guys food over and I have a little something for Harper! Thanks for sharing pictures!