Wednesday, September 3, 2008

can you hear me now?

Ha, well, maybe.... Uncle Kevin gave us quite possibly the best baby gift ever: two pairs of ear plugs! He also included the advice that we should not both wear our plugs at the same time. Apparently, one of us should be able to hear Harper cry at any given time, while the other person gets a break from all sounds in general! Thanks, KP!

The Peel family at the Pinnacle office shower...

And Kevin's other gift. I think I will leave this one to Jeff!

(Wow - check out the side view! Hehe...)


  1. [Large & In Charge] Auntie Tiffany9/03/2008 11:02 AM

    So I'm SOOO wearing that same shirt right now [OK, well it's another long black tee, but you get the point!] and in a side view, I'M BIGGER THAN YOU! How is it that my tummy and tits are bigger than yours at 9 months...and I'm only at 7!!?!?!?

    Screw you, and the baby-makin' wagon you wheeled in on...

  2. LOVE the wall art behind you!! Where might those be? L