Thursday, August 21, 2008

fortune bed! ;)

Jeff and I picked up take-out from Pei Wei earlier this week, and you wouldn't believe the eerie accuracy of our fortune cookies! Jeff finished dinner first and went for his cookie. He looked at me with somewhat of an incredulous face and read his fortune aloud: "Many pleasurable and memorable adventures are in store for you." On the reverse side, the Chinese word for "Father" was written. A little weird given our current set of circumstances! My interest was piqued, and I grabbed my own cookie expecting to read something about following your dreams blah blah blah. Imagine my surprise when I read this fortune: "Don't be surprised by the emergence of undiscovered talents." On the reverse side, the Chinese word for "Mother!" What in the freakin' heck!? It kind of made my skin crawl...I mean, what are the odds? I have been a little at odds with the Chinese this past week regarding some of the shenanigans with the gymnastics competition and the shady judging exhibited at the Olympics, but I couldn't agree more with their fortune cookie fortune writing skills! Jeff and I are definitely in for our share of adventures with Miss Harper Elle Peel on her way, and I sincerely hope we both discover some unknown talents as we attempt parenthood! (God Bless us all!) Hehehe...

On another note, I am ready to install the car seats this week and to pack my hospital bag. Counting down!!

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  1. The fortune cookie I got the day before I had Makinley read, "Don't panic!" I still have it in her baby book!