Wednesday, July 23, 2008

ohh, back to school, back to school...

Hooray for finishing our 5-week long childbirth classes! I am pretty sure we passed with flying colors, which means they WILL let us take Harper home with us in about 8 weeks or so! HOWE (Tiff - that one is just for you!) embarassing would it be to take remedial childbirth classes? Now, I didn't come home last night with any fancy certificate to hang on the wall, but I did receive a fancy pants, top-o-the-line "Hillcrest" water bottle. Well, there is actually nothing fancy about it - it is your standard, mass produced piece of personalized swag, but I am going to use the heck out of it at work!

One brief tidbit from last night's class: our instructor played a little game with the "partners" that involved racing up to a board to answer random childbirth-related questions. I should mention that a bonus point was given to the first guy to stick his answer to the wall. Jeff found himself in a very close race with one guy who ended up defeating Jeff by one point in an agonizing defeat. Anyhoo, one particular question was "what kind of birth does your partner want to have? Natural or using drugs?" So, Jeff races to the wall as he writes his answer down, but apparently he missed the last part of the question in all the commotion. Our instructor reads off the answers and verifies for accuracy with the moms in the room...then she grabs Jeff's sticky note and laughs. His answer, you ask? "A good one." While technically true, Jeff didn't listen closely enough to the question and blew our lead! Lucky for me, the guy that won didn't care for any of the admittedly lame prizes, which is how I ended up with my fancy water bottle. Yay for me and my hopes for a "good" birth - one that comes with an epidural!

That is all I've got for now, but I'll leave you with the latest pregnancy progression picture.

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