Wednesday, July 30, 2008

random acts of kindness

What a good afternoon I had yesterday! First, I had lunch with my good friend, Mrs. Sara Elizabeth Poni Breyer Coats. Great sandwich courtesy of Cafe Cappuccino - I highly recommend Mary's Panini on rye. Then, Breyer (as most of you know her) and I stopped next door at the new maternity store, Baby Wait. The owner was super nice, they had cool merchandise, and I think I found the perfect diaper bag! (Now I just have to wait until pay day to buy it!)

I came back to the office and got some work done (hold your laughter). Jeff stopped by unexpectedly with a gorgeous flower arrangement AND Allen Marshall brought me a chocolate malt from Sonic! The flowers, birds of paradise, are just awesome. I didn't know I was a fan until now! (Enjoying the chocolate malt came as no surprise - I have long been a fan of those!)

The best part is the complete randomness of the gesture, or so I thought... then I got to thinking about it and remembered how another friend surprised me with an awesome treat earlier this week! Lara stopped by the office with a package of the new Sharpie pens, and the nerd in me could not have been more excited. So, I'm pretty sure the flowers were an attempt by Jeff to trump Lara and her Sharpie pens! If anyone else wants to raise the stakes, I welcome you! Hehe...

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