Monday, July 21, 2008

wait, what weight?

I was compelled this morning to take a look back at some of my original blog posts to contrast where I am now at 32 weeks. At one point I mentioned my disdain with having gained 5-6 pounds - HA! Oh, how I laugh. I'm up to 18 or 19 now, and I don't even care anymore! I'm just glad it isn't 40 or 70 lbs (Kate Hudson while pregnant with her son - I can't even imagine how that was possible for someone of her size) - particularly since we've got another 8 weeks to go!

I will update my pregnancy progression pic tomorrow with w31 and w32. I will also post some pics I took of the nursery yesterday, which will hopefully satisfy those of you that have asked to see it! Granted, the room is not complete, but I'm working on it! And of course, it won't officially be "complete" until Harper is here!

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