Monday, July 28, 2008

an official comic book villain?

We watched The Dark Knight at the IMAX on Saturday night, and I admit it was rather entertaining. We arrived 45 minutes before showtime to get a decent spot in line, which meant I had to stand longer than was comfortable. I cannot believe how much my comfort level has changed in just the last week though the onset of 100+ degree heat has not helped one bit. Overall, I still can't complain, because I feel like I have had it easier than most over the course of this pregnancy. I am noticing some swelling of the ankles on some evenings, and it is neither pretty nor comfortable. Jeff found a way to make me laugh about this new feature... as we stood in line for the movie, Jeff pointed out that if I were a comic book villain that I would make an awesome "Cankler."

Sounds intimidating, I know! ;)

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