Tuesday, July 29, 2008

saved by Sin City!

We visited Dr. K again yesterday for a routine appointment at 32 weeks 6 days. Everything checked out just great! Harper's heartbeat was strong, fundus height still matches the week number, my blood pressure is holding steady, weight is good, etc. We will now go in for check-ups every two weeks, which will then quickly turn into weekly visits.

I was also relieved to learn that I won't run the risk of carrying Harper around for weeks on end past her due date. Dr. K has his sights set on Vegas the weekend after the due date, so Harper will be born no later than September 18th. My fingers are still crossed that she takes after her mother and shows up just ahead of schedule!

Almost all of a sudden, it has become near impossible to find a comfy sleep position. I really enjoy sleeping, and I've always been really good at it until now! I can handle it if I rig my pillows juuuust right, but then I am stuck in that position unless I exert a great deal of effort to rearrange. Life was much nicer when dreamland came as quickly as my head hit the pillow! On the bright side, bedtime is still prime time to watch/feel Harper jump and jive! She really goes to town for a good 15 minutes after I lay down in bed, and her energy is rather impressive. When she finally calms down for bed, Wrigley snuggles up to my belly and drifts off, too. (I can't wait for them to be friends even if it means losing my 1st place position in Wrig-Pig's heart!)

Jeff and I have another class tonight to learn infant CPR. I hope it sticks in my memory better this time around than it did after the becoming certified in college! (There may have been a good reason for fuzzy memories from my SWT days, but we don't need to talk about that here!)

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