Wednesday, April 23, 2008

19 weeks

I think the 18 week picture looks more pronounced than today's 19 week pic... possibly because I am back to my normal eating habits after being on the road for awhile? It is so good to be home, by the way! We are just a pinch shy of hitting the halfway mark--only 21 more hot summer weeks to go!

Jeff and I took Mini Peel to his/her first baseball game complete with womb-side seats last night. ;) It should be the first of many baseball games to come as I have such fond memories of going to Cubs games at Wrigley with my dad when I was a kiddo. (Hence my love of all things Cubs-related, and naming my best dog, "Wrigley.") Not sure how the game ended, because we left around the seventh inning stretch to squeeze in dinner at Bangkok Royal. Ah, how I love that place. I haven't experienced any pregnancy food cravings, but I am not above pretending that Bangkok is my new craving in order to eat there as much as humanly possible. Jeff has actually suggested naming our kid after our favorite waiter, Pom. (Don't get me started on the craziness of baby names that has spouted from Jeff's mouth...honestly, Ahab Peel? Lorenzo Peel? Vince Young Mack Peel, Jr.? Not a chance!)

Speaking of names, we did renew the conversation for a girl's name. I had always liked Campbell, but it has been losing appeal mostly due to the fact that I cannot come up with a middle name to pair with it. In an somewhat democratic manner (okay, maybe not), I believe we have arrived at our final choices of name for a boy and a girl. Now we just have to wait until May 6th to find out! Ahhhh....

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  1. Sounds like you are having so much fun! Enjoy pregnancy (I know that seems hard at times). It goes so quickly!