Tuesday, April 29, 2008

tummy sticks and belly bands

To some of you, the title of my blog may indicate that I have, in fact, finally lost it. What are tummy sticks and belly bands? (Lose two points for any guess that involves Rock Band or Guitar Hero, and do not pass go.) Let me enlighten you!

Tummy sticks is the name Jeff has given to feeling the baby move. It originates from the movie Wedding Crashers, and has nothing to do with babies. Rather, it involves a very creepy guy holding Vince Vaughn's character quasi-hostage and tickling his midsection, aka playing "tummy sticks." Mini Peel finally played tummy sticks yesterday afternoon! I've read various descriptions on baby web sites and in baby books of what those first movements will feel like, but I think they were a little off. A few different sources mention a feeling of butterflies in the stomach, but that doesn't quite sum it up. It is more like an actual butterfly fluttering about inside your lower stomach! Some of you former preggos may recall another way of describing those movements, but for me - a flutter by of a butterfly! It occured sporadically for a few minutes and that was it until the middle of the night. I woke up for a couple minutes (this happens a lot more than I believe is reasonable!) and felt a flutter followed by a swift, direct punch/kick straight out! I smiled and fell back asleep...for a little while at least! Even crazier is the fact that I have felt a random "flutter" in the last week or so, but it wasn't until yesterday afternoon that I was 100% convinced that that was tummy sticks! Keep it comin', Mini Peel!

Ok, now what about these belly bands? Again, the former preggos or their friends may well be aware of belly bands. For the rest of the world (or at least that tiny handful of people that read this blog), let me explain. Belly bands are an awesome, awesome creation that will enable me to extend the use of pants or skirts that will no longer fasten properly at the waist, but otherwise still fit perfectly. You simply pull the belly band up over your unzipped or unbuttoned pants and fold over - wah lah - pants stay up like magic! I was a doubting Thomas as I perused the selection online, but was more than convinced after trying one on tonight with my favorite suit pants. It really does work, and it actually looked good, too! Hopefully, this wonderful tool will be one of use thoughout the pregnancy provided only one area of my body continues to grow! 20 weeks and so far, so good!

Oh, one more thing to share tonight. A coworker's wife told me a neat way they kept one aspect of their baby's arrival a surprise. They were confirmed the baby was male through an amnio, which they shared with their family and friends. When they learned this fact, they shared it with family and friends without sharing the baby boy's name to be. Instead, they told everyone the initials only. This enabled their family and friends to monogram away should they care to, and also provided a fun game of guess the name. Apparently, no one even came close, but the guesses likely provided some comic relief from time to time. I am not good at hanging on to things (or information) that I already have in my possession with an intent to share at a later date. I give Christmas presents early, give birthday presents early and then buy another, etc... So, there is no way I could keep the gender or the name to myself, and you can bet that I will never be one of those people that chooses to be "surprised" with the gender until delivery! I will be surprised next Tuesday when we learn if Mini Peel is a boy or a girl, and that is about all I can wait.

Ok, time for bed and, if I'm lucky, another short round of tummy sticks! Later tater tots!

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  1. Christina Wasson4/30/2008 5:37 PM

    I'm so excited for you Jennifer!! This kid's gonna have some great and fun parents!