Friday, April 18, 2008


Here we are at 18 weeks without any of your standard side-posed, benchmark, progression of pregnancy pictures. I considered taking a picture at 10, 12 and 14 weeks, but it seemed like there was no change to document. Until now! Jeff sleeps in later than I do, so I had to serve as both the photographer and the subject during this impromptu photo shoot. We'll try to get some better ones next time--let's say meet back here at 20 weeks? :)

PS. No comments on the chest, people!


  1. your boobs are huge!! :)

  2. ah, i didn't see this pic before i left the myspace comment about the debut of the bump :) the reason your newest bump pic looks smaller than the first one is probably because mini-peel was laying differently -- probably positioned vertically in the new one. as pequeño-peel gets more grande, you'll notice your bump changes shape frequently as the kiddo moves :) i have a kooky pic of my preggo belly where the left side is protruding out much further than the right 'cause the munchkin was all curled up on that side :)