Monday, April 14, 2008


...or in other words, "Determine the sex-Day," has gotten pushed back to May 6th. We were originally told that we would go back two weeks after today's appointment to discover the answer to our burning question, but now we have to wait three weeks. It is just a difference of one week's time, but it feels more like five years! In case you can't tell, I am getting incredibly impatient waiting to learn whether we are going to raise a Brooks or a Campbell!

We went in this afternoon for a regularly scheduled appointment with the great Dr. K. We listened to the heartbeat again and an occasional swift kick to my abdomen! The heartbeat sounds great and the kick sounds stronger than last month...still glad I can't quite feel that yet! From the sound of it, mini Peel has been working out to his/her Tae Bo video with intensity! (I'm joking, obviously...they don't make DVD players that small, duh.)

Mini Peel and I took the day off work today for a much needed break. I was out of town all last week and almost the entire week prior, so needless to say, the household and my sanity were in need of some upkeep. Jeff did an admirable job keeping the house picked up, but there is always more to be done. Aside from cleaning and grocery shopping, there was a definite need for a loaf of pineapple-zuchinni bread to be baked! (Ahhh, complete with delicious smells seeping out of the oven at this exact moment.)

Time for some lawn mowing...maybe a car washing...we'll see. :) Later tater tots!

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