Thursday, April 24, 2008

it smells like pineapple in here

A little bit of advice: don't mess with a pregnant lady.

Jeff likes to tease and pester me sometimes simply for the sake of amusement, but he made one slight mistake yesterday. He was sitting in the chaise lounge playing a video game, intently concentrating on the TV screen with his hands glued to the controller. I stepped into the kitchen to grab my dessert for the evening--vanilla yogurt and pineapple chunks on the side. I was half listening to Jeff as he rambled on about something or another while attempting to pester me. Suddenly, I realized he was vulnerable at the moment. He was sitting, relaxed, not looking my way, and both of his hands were occupied. I decided to seize the moment...carpe pineapple, you might say! I ran over to the Jeff and without any notice, stuffed a pineapple chunk into his nostril.

Oh, I laughed!

It all happened so quickly, but I am pretty sure he thought I was going to hand feed him said delicious chunk of pineapple into his mouth....not so, my friend! I ran back into the kitchen and doubled over in laughter. Jeff, with his hands still glued to the controller, turned to me with an incredulous look on his face and pineapple dangling from his nose....I laughed even harder. He seemed unable to comprehend why his sweet wife assaulted him with a piece of fruit. Hehehe... (I was so mad when I realized my camera was not at home--this was picture perfect!)

He finally removed the pineapple, nonchalantly continued on with his video game and said, "it smells like pineapple in here."

Don't mess with a pregnant lady, or you too, might become a victim of a run-by fruiting.


  1. It smells like pineapple at the office now, too. I'm glad you picked it instead of, say, a fish stick, or cat poo.

    Still, that was cold-blooded. I can still see you cackling at me from the safe confines of the kitchen, using Wrigley as a canine shield.