Wednesday, April 22, 2009

C'mon baby, do the locomotion!

Does anyone remember that song? Flash back to the flippin' awesome sitcom "Full House," circa 1989 or so. D.J. and her unfortunate friend, Kimmy, were playing with some of Uncle Jesse's musical equipment, and they accidentally dubbed their rendition of "The Locomotion" over a song he and Joey had recorded. (Or something like that...) They realized they made a mistake, and I'm sure they learned their lesson by the end of the episode. Like, duh! Man, I loved that show! I could relate to D.J.'s chubbiness, and I, too, had an adorable and pesky little sister named Michelle. Over the years, I lost the chub and Chelle lost the pesky. Whew!

Anyhoo, my attempt at a clever blog title is in honor of Harper's latest development in mobility. The small fry can crawl--it is official. She crawled a few times earlier this week, yet I was reluctant to fork over the Girl Scout badge too soon. Jeff could only catch her scooting, not crawling, and I felt I needed a second judge to verify the performance. Finally, he saw her crawl yesterday evening. In this "ah-ha!" moment, he looked at me and said "This is serious. This means she will have to be monitored at all times now." No, really? Is it too outlandish to consider a baby leash? Very tempting...

As if hand-and-knee locomotion isn't enough, she has also been trying to pull herself up onto any piece of furniture she can get her grubby little hands on. I've had enough milestones this week, thank you very much! Part of me is excited that she is learning to do all these cool new things and the other part of me is tired just thinking about it! Thank goodness for nap time. Seriously, those few breaks in the day save what remains of my sanity. Oh, and happy hour helps, too. Ladies? :)

A sample of Harper crawling. Life as we know it is over!

This is what happens when she crawls out of the living room and discovers a bookshelf. It took all I had to restrain myself and watch as she pulled the books out!


  1. ooo happy hour!!!! Maybe we should do that instead of/ in addition to lunch!!!

  2. BAHAHA! I know that chaps your ass so bad to have the books strewn about. But if it's any consolation...that is THE cutest crawl I've EVER seen!

  3. She is so darling! I love that she slaps her hands down as she is crawling! You could just put a bell around her neck like the do for cows so you know when she is on the move! :-)

  4. Haha, I second everyone's comments about Harper's kyooooot crawling :)