Monday, April 20, 2009

Week in review

I have come close to blogging many times in the last week, but my efforts have proved futile. The boss lady requires constant, direct attention at all times unless she is sleeping. I can't even vacuum anymore, because HP has decided to turn her love for the Dyson into hate. How can you hate a Dyson?! Those vacuums are God's gift to rid the earth of dirt and dust everywhere! But I digress...

Let's keep it short and simple this morning as my sweet babe may rouse at any moment. (That's Harper, not Jeff, though they are both still asleep at 8 AM. If only I could get cut in on that deal!) The following is a list of Harper's distinguished accomplishments over the last week or so:

1. She turned 7-months old on Wednesday. Only fifteen years and five months until she is driving. Watch out!

2. We went in to the doctor last week for a couple of immunizations. We also received an update on her height (27.5 in - 79th percentile) and weight (16.7 lbs - 39th percentile). The percentiles pretty much have no meaning at all except to show us that she is growing steadily--thank goodness they only track that for so long in kiddos. I cringe at the thought of knowing where I stand compared against the height and weight of all other 28-year old American women!

3. Speaking of physical characteristics, I must take this moment to apologize to my daughter for inheriting my thighs. Sorry, Punkie! Luckily, you can call it "baby fat" for now, but that excuse got old once I hit my twenties!

4. Harper is thisclose to crawling. It makes me nervous, yet somewhat hopeful. I'm hopeful that she will soon be able to follow on my heels instead of crying when I move ten feet away to put in my contacts. On that same note, I'm also nervous at the thought of her following on my heels. I've never been known to be a good leader...yikes!

5. Her palate continues to expand. Quinoa was tossed into the rotation last week, and she seemed to enjoy it. The texture was questionable at first, but she got over it thanks to her buddy, squash, lending a hand. Well, squash (or squish--Jeff?) don't have hands, per se, but you get the idea!

6. We confirmed the appearance of a single pearly white tooth yesterday! There doesn't seem to be much she can do with just one tooth, but we're excited, nonetheless. I brushed her tooth after her bath last night, which she found incredibly amusing. Never too early to instill the importance of good dental hygiene! (Update: Second tooth was detected this morning. Woo hoo!)

7. This kid is V-O-C-A-L as ever. She "talks" frequently and very loudly whenever the mood strikes. Doesn't matter where we are--church, Children's Place, in the car, on the phone, etc. My response is to laugh and politely ask her to use her inside voice. Strangely, she never uses her outside voice outside. We'll just file that under "works in progress," which is becoming quite a long list!

I'm sure there are several things I'm leaving out, but I'm getting distracted and you are surely growing bored now, too. I will close with a handful of pictures--I know that is the only reason this blog is ever visited! Ta ta for now...

Backyard photo shoot with the lone blooming iris. The other 300 irises are still sleeping.

Kind of an awkward smile, but it looks so sweet to me!

Every outdoor excursion ends with Harper attempting to eat greenery of some sort.

Practicing her quasi-crawl.

She does 50 push-ups daily to keep in shape. You never know when Baby Vogue might come callin'!

I can already detect a bit of attitude. I am going to be in so much trouble--payback is a *beep*!

Smart move, Harper--try to blend in with the Killeen folk!

The crown and scepter didn't hold Audrey's attention for long, so Harper was the next recipient! (By the way, happy 3rd birthday, Audrey!) I wanted a picture of the two cousins together, but one of the subjects was not willing to participate. Maybe next time!


  1. I thought I was going to be the subject of your next blog...something about RIP tattoos, etc. :)

    Also, shut up about your damn, non-existent thighs. Seriously.