Friday, April 24, 2009

Man's Best Friend

So it ain't just a catchy phrase. Wrigley truly is Harper's best friend. Wrigs can always make her laugh when she is feeling down. In other words, Wrigs is my go-to girl after I piss off Harper. Wrig Pig helps her forget about that bump on her head, the toy that was taken away because it was not actually a toy, and any other reason Harper may pitch a fit.

They are obsessed with each other's toys. Wrigley attempts to steal all of Harper's plush toy animals, while Harper prefers doggie rope toys, blankets, and slobber-encrusted stuffed animals. Harper crawls around the room to pick up Wrigley's toys and groups them together. Maybe we have a mini-organizer in the making?? If I could only be so lucky!


  1. Wow that laugh just brightened my day!!!!

  2. What a riot! I love hp's laugh! Wrig is just her size too! I can only hope that Major (all 75lbs of him) will be the bf of a future little ferguson!