Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter Saturday!

Harper never had a chance to meet Santa Claus last year. I still feel a tad guilty about not introducing the two of them, but, hey, Christmas was a busy season for us and St. Nick! In hopes of making it up to HP, I was determined to introduce her to the Easter Bunny. I don't want to give her too much ammo to use against me when she ends up in therapy years down the road! (Don't scoff...have you met my family? It's very possible!)

E.B. was at Ridgewood this morning, so we trotted on over to meet the furry fellow. Harper wore her adorable green RL dress*--we're saving the dressier duds for church tomorrow! She wore her new tennis shoes, too, since she handily removes any and all sandals in a flash.

In addition to ol' E.B., Harper made a handful of new fuzzy friends. She was unimpressed with the baby chicks, but she was enthralled by the llamas and goats! Of course, as soon as I saw the llamas, I yelled out "Tina, eat your ham!" (Ode to Napoleon Dynamite!) Harper also met a number of potential friends her own age who are not quite as furry. We may even have a new play group to join on Thursdays!

We lost her pacifier outside yet we were still brave enough to head in to the club for lunch. The food was great, and so was Harper's behavior! As the clock neared nap time, I bribed her with tiny bits of mac n' cheese to keep her in high spirits. All in all, our Easter Saturday adventure went off without a hitch!

*HP is already wearing some 12M clothing. She is so tall! I'm mean, seriously, she is close to half of my adult height!


  1. I like the two eggs that are purposefully situated between her legs. Good job, way to be on it, mom.

  2. Thanks, thanks. Just doin' my job! ;)