Friday, May 15, 2009

Eight is great!

Today marks eight months of l-i-v-i-n' for Miss Punkie Peel, and yet I still find myself a bit dazed and confused. It's no wonder babies don't come with an instruction manual--not even Dunder Mifflin could supply the amount of paper necessary to write the first draft! Thankfully, we have other resources to (hopefully) answer our most pertinent, ridiculous, or mundane child rearing questions and concerns. I don't know what kind of shape my own family would be in if it weren't for our parents, grandparents, friends, playgroups, doctors, siblings, the Internet, and etc.

Let's peruse a list of questions that have either recently floated through my own head, or were sputtered out by others:

1. Are begonias poisonous?
Asked after one baby had, in fact, eaten a begonia. We decided the answer is no.

2. Did you just lick the bottom of my flip flop?
Yes, she did, and yes, she is still alive and well. Gross!

3. Will life go on if you go to bed tonight without a bath?

If for some reason life doesn't go on, it ain't gonna have anything to do with your state of cleanliness.

4. Do you seriously need a new car seat already?
I blindly assumed the infant seat would be usable for the first twelve months. Ugh.

5. How many times can I say "no" in one day before you think it is your new name?
Still counting...

6. Is twelve months too early to get your own place?
What about 18 months? But the market is so good right now!

I don't know that we will always come up with the "right" answers, but I do know that we'll always give it our best effort! And really, don't you think Harper would love having her own apartment? ;)

Bed head...must be an 8 month thing.


  1. Looks like she's been hanging out with Kase Coats too much! ;)

  2. So sweet (and perfectly true)! We love little Harper! Happy 8 months!