Sunday, May 10, 2009

I see your true colors...

There came a day within the last seven months when Harper began showing her true colors. It is truly amazing to think of Harper in her early weeks and months; she was basically a living, breathing lump. A lump of baby that ate, pooped and slept. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Slowly, she added new tricks to her bag. She began smiling, laughing, rolling, and flipping. Now she is babbling, crawling and standing. Now she is also stubborn. She has a sense of humor. She can fake cry with them best of 'em to get her way. She loves her dog. She is easily amused. She flirts. She loves it when her daddy dances with her in his arms. She loves being swooped up high in the air. She gets mad. I mean, she gets M-A-D! She thinks her mom is silly. She loves her mom's ridiculous dances. (At least I hope I'm not making a fool out of myself for nothing!) She becomes less of a baby and more of a real, live miniature human being with each day that passes. These are the days that compel me to soak up her vulnerable and needy moments, yet stare in wonder as she accomplishes new feats and milestones.

I'm proud to be her mom. I'm proud to have Harper Elle Peel as my daughter. I'm thankful for my wonderful and loving husband, Jeff. I wouldn't be half of the mother I am without his support. He's a great dad, too, but we can talk about that in June when he gets his own holiday!

I love my family, and I couldn't imagine my life without them. On this Mother's Day, let me thank you--Jeff, Harper and Wrigley--for all the joy you bring to my life. However, I won't thank you for all of the laundry and dishes you bring to my life. No, really, you shouldn't's too much, honestly!


Ok, who feels like belting out some Cyndi Lauper with me now? "I see your truuuue colors, and that's why I looooooove you..." That's what I'm talking 'bout!

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