Monday, May 4, 2009

Up, up and away!

I may have exaggerated with the "away" part. She didn't go anywhere, but Harper did pull herself up twice this afternoon. She was first lured into a standing position by the sight of Wrigley and the much-admired remote control lying side by side on the couch. Then she saw ol' Dozey-boy frolicking in the backyard during her second go-around. I'm sure she was surprised--he doesn't frolic often, or ever, really.

Wrigley looks at Harper's feet as if to say "whaaaaaaaaat?"

She frequently pulls up onto her knees and practices her balancing act.

Having a blast with her new toys!

She will eventually be able to walk behind this toy. Methinks she'll be vacuuming the floors in no time!


  1. SWEET! Well when she gets the whole vacuuming thing down, send her my way. I'll teach Ryder how to rotate tires or mow the yard, and we can just trade kids for the day...

  2. Teach him how to rotate tires and we'll be in business!