Saturday, May 16, 2009

The lost tapes

Just a quick picture posting of Harper's last days as a seven-month old. Really, she is so much more mature now. ;)

Carter (ok, maybe it was his mom) invited Harper on her first wagon ride. She was hooked!

The wagon photo-op did not work out as planned. Meet Harper's new friends: Blaire, Cambell and Carter!

I can't wait to teach Harper how to cook! Until that time comes, I'll let her entertain herself with my plastic ware while I make dinner!

She has the right idea!

After nearly four months of eating solids, Harper decides to reject one heaping spoonful of peas. You should have seen my shirt, too!

She sleeps in the oddest positions. Watching her snooze is still the sweetest thing--it doesn't get old.

Harper chills on top of the Christmas tree bag before it heads off to storage. Yes, we finally were able to dismantle the tree in May. Blame it on Dozer.

She just had to have a wagon like Carter's. This wagon is the number one tool in my arsenal to win over HP when she is upset. We would have nuclear grade meltdowns if it weren't for the wagon and Gerber Puffs!

Harper and Wrigley both love the wagon. Here is proof that dogs can smile.

Harper plays with her cousin, Audrey. It is fun to watch them interact!

She stands all the time now. Let's hope she waits awhile before she starts walking!

Harper's last day as a seven-month old. Ain't she sweet?! :) Love this girl!


  1. So sweet! I didn't realize you got the wagon after playgroup! That is great! What a precious post for a precious girl!

  2. Thanks, Storey! She LOVES the wagon--it's crazy. We will have to pick up Cambell on one of our walks so they can ride together!

  3. WOW, look at those in-steps! No, not YOURS...HERS! I have a thing for in-steps....and hers are NIIIICE!

    And don't think I'm copying you (AGAIN) -- but I've been eyeing that fancypants red wagon for months now. You can bet your bottom dollar that Ryder will have one by summer's end. And THAT bottom dollar amount, my friend, is the balance I CURRENTLY have to my name after buying all this fun baby shit!