Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Picture perfect

Ok, I promised a real blog post, and now I will quasi-fulfill that promise. Honestly, time is like gold these days, so I'm not feeling inclined to retype my long lost post from Monday. How 'bout we do a quick pic catch-up of the last two weeks and call it even? Harper had her picture taken today by an awesome photographer, Marlo Collins, and surprisingly, the session went well even without an afternoon nap!

P.S. You can click on any of the photos to enlarge their view in another window if you so desire. I'm just sayin'...I know some (or one) of you had corrective eye surgery that was only a temporary fix! ;)

Swimsuit season has begun!

Apparently, modeling season has also begun.

Off to the Kentucky Derby...
The pool officially opened on the Friday before Memorial Day. The water may have been just a tad chilly.
That's our dirt-diggin', leaf-eatin' baby!
Much happier faces seen in the heated pool in Abilene over Memorial Day weekend.

It can be difficult for me to tell if Jeff or Harper has more fun playing. We'll call this one a tie.
Upgraded to the new car seat--getting too tall for the infant seat. Rear-facing blows...we're all excited for the day she can flip around and face the front!
Until that day comes, Harper will continue to sit quietly and snack on her foot.

Harper loves the baby pool! She prefers to cruise around the edge rather than sit in the water. My new problem is convincing her that she has to sit, not stand, in the bathtub. We've yet to come to an agreement on that one.
I'm pretty sure none of the babes will be diving into the twelve-inch baby pool, but just in case...

Eating a goldfish while simultaneously doubting whatever statement was made by the nearest parent. I think we'll be seeing this face A LOT in the years to come.
Harper watches her buddy, Carter, stuff fishies into his mouth. They just love their poolside snack buffet!
Next, Harper sets her sights on the lime from my margarita.
Not sure if the water, sun or the margarita-soaked lime did her in, but she was out for the count!
This one is for Alyssa--modeling the turtle onesie, except I could only catch one turtle in the pic. R.I.P. Bob, '98.
There went my box of Kleenex! I guess now I'll have to go back to blowing my nose on Jeff's sleeve. ;)

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  1. Marlo did Mase's newborn pic this week. I want to see Harper's. I love everything Marlo does!