Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spaghetti striptease!

Due to the broken laptop situation and the Starburst junior golf tournament, I'm way behind with updates again. My apologies! I can already tell that the ol' blog is gonna be sparse this's just so much more fun to play at the pool! Plus, we all know how fussy I can get in the summer heat. Don't be surprised if you catch me borrowing Harper's pacifier to soothe myself!

Topless spaghetti dinner, eh? Yeah, you got it. That is exactly what happens after a long day exploring the zoo and splashing at the pool. All you have to do is make a delicious meal of spaghetti and Italian sausage, strip the kids down to their undies and/or diapers and let the games begin! I'll leave it to your own imaginations to decide if anyone else at dinner was topless! ;)

The zoo was cool....and hot. Not H-O-T hot, but I've always thought that ultra humid Texas summer days are far worse. The air was so thick and sticky! Yuck! We checked out a few animals and headed out before the seeds of fussiness had a chance to be sown. And I'm not talking about the kiddos! (I told you I don't do well in the heat!)

Hey, cuz'!

Audrey & her aunt...

Decked out in her jogging stroller!

Audrey & her mom....

Mr. Giraffe looked pissed when he saw Chelle's purse. What's a girl to do?!

Checking out the elephants. Good call, Mom, on the cup holder full of goldfish crackers!

Elephants have a gestation period of 23 months? Or was it 22? You gotta be kidding me! If I were an elephant (please hold the smart ass comments), I would definitely adopt!

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