Thursday, June 4, 2009

A very important date

Harper and I were fortunate enough to get hooked up with an awesome playgroup shortly after Easter. Thursday mornings have become a much anticipated part of my week! Harper seems to have a great time interacting with the other kiddos, and I truly enjoy talking with the other moms...and playing with all the kiddos myself! Jeff teases that I have a crush on the only little boy in the group, Carter. Maybe I do, but you can't blame me--he is stinkin' adorable!

I snapped a few pics today of the older babies playing--ok, eating off the floor--together. Since I will eventually transfer my blog into an actual book for Harper, I want her to be able to remember that Wrigley is her best friend though not her only friend! :) Next week I will try to remember to get a picture of the younger babies (Blaire, Kendall and Hadley) and the two that were out of town (Piper and her little sis, Mackenzie), too.

Carter and Cambell start off with the Cheerios snack buffet!

Harper considers having applesauce for lunch, but eventually the Cheerios won her over, too.

These kids are like miniature vacuum cleaners!
Jeff--does that look like a "Hook 'Em" to you? ;)

Kylee so kindly offered me a baby cheese puff! Not gonna lie, those things are pretty tasty!
Breyer and her twins, Kase and Kyle, joined us last week when Harper and I hosted everyone at our house. She works in the afternoons, but she was able to adjust her morning schedule to fit us in before work. I bet they spent the entire afternoon telling Grandma Sherri about all the girls they met that day! Don't tell them that I put the Exersaucer in storage or they might not want to come back!
As soon as Harper wakes up from her afternoon nap, we're headed out to the pool...again. We don't go every day, but it's getting pretty close! Most of the time we run into our new friends out there, too, which is another added bonus! Alrighty, time for me to squeeze myself back into my bikini (yikes) and slip HP into her super-de-duper precious little strawberry swimsuit. Just wait 'til you see the matching hat...that pic might be one worth saving for the ol' high school senior yearbook ad!

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  1. Thanks to Harper for sharing her applesauce with Cambell :) I am so glad you and Harper are in playgroup with us... not to mention you are wonderful neighbors!