Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nine is fine!

It's that time of the month again. (No, not that time, Jeff.) Harper turned nine-months old on Monday. Nine months!

I wished her a happy 3/4th birthday, of course.

Nine months is a significant time period to mothers for an obvious reason. Thank goodness the human gestation period is capped at nine months (though it's really ten, who are we kidding?), 'cuz I could not - and would not - have lugged Harper around in her one-womb apartment any longer. Think of the poor elephant! 22 months? I shudder at the thought.

Harper passed her check-up with flying colors. She was in a great mood, which was only briefly interrupted by the two shots she received. Amazingly, Harper's height (29.5 inches) ranked in at the 95th percentile! Jeff and I are not the tallest people, so we are always a little baffled by her height. She must get it from her Poppa Peel. :) She weighed in at 18.5 lbs (50th percentile), and you can bet your bottom dollar (I'm already at mine!) that Yo Baby yogurt and Cheerios accounted for 2.5 lbs of that total.

In other words, this kid is growing like a weed. Or growing like something else that is prettier and not as pesky as a weed. Wheat grass? A sunflower? Eh, you get the point. I'm a good five pounds lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight, and I give Harper all the credit. It takes everything I've got just to keep up with her! Scratch that--it takes everything I've got just to attempt to keep up with her. She is all over the place, and she isn't even walking yet. She does "cruise" quite a bit, and she stands on her own when she feels like it. If she could talk in clear English, I could imagine her saying "I do what I want!" with perfect South Park inflection. (Tiffany - isn't that what you say every morning when you wake up? ;) Muhahahaha!)

Nice shot of her two lower pearly whites...I confirmed her first upper tooth this morning. Let's just say she's been a smidgen grumpy today.

Where's Waldo? Our little explorer is hard at work...

I wish I could make music with every step I take.

Hey, that's where Momma takes her power naps...move along, little girl!

Yeah, I'm just gonna stand here with my block. Cool?

Please, Mom, no more pictures!


  1. Hooray for 9 months of Harper! She is so precious! We look forward to playing tomorrow!

  2. Yes, that is precisely Aunt Tiffany's mantra:

    "I DO WHAT I WANT!!"