Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I read it...in a book.

This fall has new things in store for our family, as well as a return to a certain thing that has lingered on for far too long. Come September, Harper will begin attending the Mother's Day Out program at Harris Creek Baptist Church every Tuesday and Thursday. I will then be free to skip around town sipping milkshakes, getting pedicures and eating bonbons. If Days of Our Lives weren't so flippin' terrible, I'd watch soap operas to boot! If only Nicole would fess up that she stole Sami's baby--sheesh!

Okay, now that I'm done daydreaming, we can cut back to reality. Harper will go to MDO on Tues/Thurs from 9AM-2PM during which time I will be doing anything but lounging. You see, I've re enrolled at Texas State University to finish that pesky little masters degree. I will become a Master of Public Administration, once and for all! And yes, you will all have to call me "master," I insist. ;)

All that I lack to complete my degree is a pesky little thing called an Applied Research Project. (Enter that link at your own risk--I will not take responsibility if you die of boredom!) Actually, it's anything but a little pesky. It's a lot pesky. Ugh. I have to start, like, now, thinking of a new topic for my ARP. The topic I spent a semester researching and writing a lit review for is not worth resuscitating, so it's back to the drawing board for me. Barring any unforeseen obstacles, I will graduate in May with an ARP that passes muster. Let's just see how many laptops I can kill between now and then!

Seriously though, I expect this project to require all the blood, sweat and tears I can spare. I know this will place an extra layer of burden on my family, but I have no qualms that we will survive the next two semesters. I know I can count on Jeff's support, and Harper, well...your selection of reading material might be a tad drier than usual! I'll have her master the Turabian model of references and citations before she can tie her own shoe! Doesn't that sound fun? Ehh....don't answer that.

When I disappear this September, just know that I'll be back to my old self in May....well, we hope! Wish me luck!


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  2. I too am thisclose to completing my MPA. Maybe this was 'the sign' I needed to get on the ball and finish it. *sigh*


    "Here. I'll give you a topic. *_____INSERT TOPIC HERE___.* Talk amongst yaselves..."

    Seriously. I'd *LOVE* to help you come up with a topic, and help with your research. Alas, I will NOT help you write your thesis.

  4. I'm glad to hear this, but I refuse to call you master! :)